This Artist Uses Gunpowder as Paint and It’s Hypnotizing

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    Danny Shervin is a painter, sure, but his medium of choice is a unique one. He uses gunpowder as paint, a technique he picked up while at the University of Montana. Take a moment and check this out:

    Now before I go too much further, let's point out that gunpowder is an explosive, and doing this isn't exactly safe. So don't try this at home, because you might end up losing an ear.

    So how does Shervin work his magic? He carefully taps out bits of gunpowder across a wooden surface, placing it just so, until it's got the design he wants. Then, he lights it on fire and watches the image set, like this:

    The fire seems to lick across the surface, slowly working its way from one end to the other, with the gunpowder acting like teeny tiny dominoes, all falling in a row. Watch how the flame splits in this video:

    Crazy, right? It's hard to peel your eyes away. Feel free to check out Danny Shervin's YouTube page, website and Facebook page for more.


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