23 Admin Panel PHP Themes & Templates

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  1. AutoTowing WordPress Theme

    AutoTowing WordPress Theme

    This template will be a perfect fit for service and business companies. It combines a conservative design with powerful functionality and user-friendly navigation. Built on Bootstrap, this tow truck service WordPress theme automatically adapts to all screens. In this case, you don't need to create a mobile version of the site. Thanks to an assortment of flexible tools and options even non-developers will be able to redesign the site in accordance with the specifications of their business. As a result, you can get a fully functional custom site in less than a week.

  2. ToBeBride OpenCart Template

    ToBeBride OpenCart Template

    This Wedding Shop OpenCart Theme is a ready-made solution that comes loaded with all the modern features that are intended to keep you ahead of the game. The clean layout was built in soft colors and with lots of white space, which allows your visitors get focused on the products that you sell. The navigation was made simple and intuitive. With the purpose to save on space, the main navigation panel is presented in the form of a burger icon that reveals all the menu items with a click. The tile-based structure of the main page provides plenty of room for sharing lots of content in a well-balanced way. Thanks to the advanced Bootstrap functionality, the theme was made fully responsive, providing users with seamless browsing from any device.

  3. Mozzarella PHP & HTML Cafe Bar Template

    Mozzarella PHP & HTML Cafe Bar Template

    PLEASE, READ BEFORE BUYINGThis is a PHP and HTML template with an admin panel and other functionalities. You’ll need some basic PHP knowledge, a web server (PHP 5+) and a MySQL server to customize this theme. For those who don’t know PHP, don’t worry! We released a static HTML5 version, just click the orange button down here. Thanks! Username: paneltest Password:156QWer!123 Mozzarella PHP & HTML Cafe Bar Template Images NOT INCLUDED (Links in Documentation) Font links in Documentation If you have any further questions, just leave us a comment!! Mozzarella PSD Template

  4. Adminise - Corporate Admin Panel Template

    Adminise - Corporate Admin Panel Template

    Adminise is clean/corporat admin panel design comes with tons of nicly designed features. Main Features Responsive Design Multi Level Dropdown Menu PSD file included Compatibility all new browsers Documentation Included Quality source Code nicely formatted and commented to make editing this template as easy as possible. Pages List Dashbaord Dashboard 1 Dashboard 2 Layouts Layout With Left Sidebar Layout With Right Sidebar Layout With Top Navigation Layout With Collapsed Sidebar UI Elements Tiles Buttons Tabs and Accordion Typography Tooltip and Popovers Navbars Breadcrumbs Pagination Progress bars Blockquotes Modals Alerts Labels

  5. Sam's Brewery Joomla Template

    Sam's Brewery Joomla Template

    This brewery site is designed in family-owned company style. Everything looks neat and cozy here. You feel the personal touch of the company manager. The fonts of the Brewery Joomla Template are big and legible. The images are appetizing. Seasonal releases are introduced in a slider, which makes the page more dynamic and interesting to view. Numbers and customers' testimonials add reliability to the company image. Google map is available at the bottom of the page, so your customers will be able to find the brewery without any issues.

  6. Easy Admin - Responsive HTML Template

    Easy Admin - Responsive HTML Template

    Admin Template with flat and unique design build for your next project. Professional designed with attention to details and options. It comes with great animations and smooth interaction in navigation giving a nice experience to any user. Pages Tables Butttons Calendar Charts Contact Under construction Dropzone Forms Gallery Icons Dashboard Invoice Lock screen Login Messages Nestable lists Notes Error 404 Profile and Timeline Search Tabs and accordions Typography Sliders

  7. Stitcher Shopify Theme

    Stitcher Shopify Theme

    The theme was designed for sewing stores. Its fresh modern design will draw many customers that prefer online shopping. Main menu of the Sewing Supplies Shopify Template is hidden. Tabs and banners help the users navigate through the website's pages. Featured products are presented in a slider. Popular brand logos add credibility to the company image. Home page also includes latest blog posts, newsletter subscription form, social media block, some extra links and built in Google map. The theme is ideal for promoting sewing accessories store online.

  8. CleanPress WordPress Template

    CleanPress WordPress Template

    CleanPress Spend more time writing posts and less trying to manage your blog. CleanPress is easy to post, easy to read and very easy to manage.The logo, footer text, contact form address, and theme styles are all manageable through a custom admin panel. Features: 6 Different Colors! (use view screenshots link above) Custom Admin Panel Gravatar Support Optional Post Thumbnail Clean, valid HTML / CSS No plugins required! PHP Contact form with Validation Widget Ready Sidebar

  9. todo - Web Application and Admin Panel Template

    todo - Web Application and Admin Panel Template

    Todo is a fully responsive web app / admin dashboard template. Wordpress Admin Theme Features: Built with Bootstrap 3 Flat ui with clean style Many components Mobile widgets Fully responsive Web app layouts Html5 Markup & CSS3 2 runnable applications 8 default color palettes Use less, many variables you can config Change log v.2.0—10 July 15 update to Bootstrap v3.3.5 update prettyPhoto to v3.1.6 v.1.2.2—15 July 14 upgrade to Bootstrap 3.2 fix wizard bug v.1.2.1—27 February 14 upgrade to Bootstrap 3.1 include open sans font landing page improvement v.1.2.0—3 December 13 update to Fontawesome 4.0 add collapse nav add php RESTful api for notes app fix IE11 layouts and form wizard v.1.1

  10. Simplpan Admin Panel Template

    Simplpan Admin Panel Template

    Simplpan is a very stylish admin panel template thats ready to be implemented as backend interface for your application. It fits perfectly for CMS systems, but can be used for anything! Simplpan comes with custom jQuery addons, tabs, galleries, forms, validations, charts and much more! This Admin Template also comes with 7 great theme styles (blue, light, dark, green, red, purple & brown). Be sure to check them out in the live preview. It is also very easy to create and add your own theme styles. Features HTML5 Valid & CSS3 960 Grid System 7 Theme Styles (blue, light, dark, green, red, purple & brown) Very easy customization of themes! Style and Width Switcher that remembers! (uses cookies) 170+ Icons that are easily us

  11. Admintasia-Powerful backend admin user interface

    Admintasia-Powerful backend admin user interface

    Admintasia is a complete backend administration user interface that has the flexibility to house any kind of application. It loads last, it’s intuitive and easy to use, it uses only three small images and it also looks good. Admintasia’s layout is very customizable. With the help of my helper CSS classes you can, for example divide the main content area into one big box and two small ones, or three smaller one, or two big ones. You want two notification boxes side by side? No problem, just add a css class and you’re done and this goes for allmost all elements. Everything is fluid. Also, there is an option in the sidebar from which you can set a fixed page width. Admintasia includes sliders, flexigrids, accordions, modal video, and man

  12. Simpla Admin - Flexible & User Friendly Admin skin

    Simpla Admin - Flexible & User Friendly Admin skin

    Simpla Admin is a professional template with a beautiful and user friendly interface. With various smart and intuitive jQuery functions, navigating the interface is a breeze. Features (V1.02) Semantic, valid XHTML and CSS Well commented code Liquid layout – content resizes to the user’s window Powered by jQuery Cross-browser compatible Degrades well – functional without Javascript 3 Colour schemes: Green, Blue and Red included – See the screenshots (new colour schemes can easily be created with the included .psd file) Smart content box: tabbed content and minimizable header (click the box title to minimize) Accordion Main Menu Modal window on any element (click “3 Messages” in the sidebar for a demonstration) Closable Notifications with

  13. Cleanity Complete Admin / CMS Skin

    Cleanity Complete Admin / CMS Skin

    This professional looking and highly flourished skin is suitable for almost any kind purpose. Cleanity is a compilation of all features you might need on an administration theme. Features: Valid XHTML / CSS Light XHTML with Fast Load Flash Like Animated Drop Down Navigation Rounded Corners with No Images Accordion Side Menu Modal Boxes on any Element Desired Jquery based Calendar Tabbed Lists (Also available for any element) Quick Visual Links with Graphical Navigation Nicely Styled Forms Visual WYSIWYG Editor on Desired Textareas 3 Columns + 2 Columns Wide Version Works in all Major browsers both in Windows & Mac OSX When seeing live preview, hit enter or click login directly to get passed login and reach the main page. I

  14. Chameleon Circuit - Full Featured Admin Theme

    Chameleon Circuit - Full Featured Admin Theme

    Chameleon Circuit is a beautifully coded full featured admin panel theme ready to be implemented in the back end of your application, or as an intranet theme! The theme, like its namesake, can change colors into anything you want, so instead of a specific number of skins, you have an unlimited variation! The theme uses HTML5 and CSS3 and degrades gracefully into older browsers, while using jQuery to build in interaction. Included are the PSDs as well as all the source files and even over 3500+ premade icons from famous Fugue Icon Library and 400+ customized icons that matches the menu navigation. Chameleon Circuit is the perfect theme for your CMS applications and custom database based applications for your clients. It is

  15. Adminus - Beautiful admin panel interface

    Adminus - Beautiful admin panel interface

    Adminus is a stylish admin panel template, ready to be implemented as the back-end interface of your application. The template uses smart jQuery scripts and effects, which degrades perfectly. Adminus comes in 3 premade skins – Blue, Green and Red and with the included PSDs, you can style it in any colors. Features Liquid and fixed layout Cross-browser compatible Valid code Unobtrusive jQuery Implemented WYSIWYG editor Beautiful, customizable graphs Easy tabs on any block Dropdown menus with 4 levels Working AJAX / PHP file upload Image management mini menus Date picker Sortable tables Custom select form element Fancy modal boxes Stylish notifications with nice fade in and fade out effect Image preloading Custom font with @font-face 3

  16. FreshCMS an almost complete CMS skin

    FreshCMS an almost complete CMS skin

    Tired and bored by all of the basic admin skins here, well there is a solution and it’s called FreshCMS. Amaze your clients with this CMS skin! FreshCMS is a fresh kind of skin/theme, there is no similar kind of skin/theme here on ThemeForest! This skin/theme is almost complete(about 80%). This means that you can save some time in designing and building of a CMS. FreshCMS is packed with jQuery stuff like toggle, styleswitcher, delete content, sortable and more. I have used 2 iconpacks(for small and big), both are free. These iconpacks have lots of useful icons in diffirent sizes. Links included! Take a look at the screenshots or live preview. Included the D-FreshCMS theme as a bonus! Updated to FreshCMS v1.2 (05-12-09) Now you

  17. Coco - Responsive Bootstrap Admin and Frontend Template

    Coco - Responsive Bootstrap Admin and Frontend Template

    Coco responsive admin template is designed using bootstrap to work with all devices with most possible compatibility. It can adapt and work in ipad, iphone, android phones, macbooks, PCs and many other devices. Free PHP – MySQL user authentication & chat system added! We are happy to announce that user authentication and inner chat system is completed and included in our template package to set the first step for your application and your administration panel. You can login to http://hubanmedia.com/template/ using following access details: Username: demo2 Password: 12345678 Username: demo3 Password: 12345678 Username: demo4 Password: 12345678 Username: demo5 Password: 12345678 Username: demo6 Password: 12345678 Username:

  18. Smooth Admin

    Smooth Admin

    Smooth Admin is a user friendly administration panel that comes in 6 premade color schemes which include blue, green, brown, purple, red and a greyish light blue. Additionaly you can stlye it any color you like using the included PSD file. Features Valid XHTML and CSS XHTML 1 .0 Strict Cross-browser compatible Fluid layout or Fixed Layout at 960 pixels 6 color schemes (see screenshots) Date Pickers, Styled Select Lists and Styled Submit Buttons Javascript based on the fast and stable jquery library Expandable / Collapsible Navigation Menu Quick Tabs located at the top of the page for quick navigation with drop down menus. TinyMCE Rich Text Editor for textareas. Charting and Graphs which is powered by jquery flot. Ability to use ta

  19. Visual Admin

    Visual Admin

    Visual Admin is a stylish template designed for both front end and back end projects. It comes with a seperate login page, and being designed with the 960 grid system if offers endless layout options. Using Google Charts, the template shows off how this template could be used as a dashboard or even a front-end application. Updated to Include Pagination & Image Gallery This file has been updated to include pagination and an image gallery (with working lightbox). Features (V1.0) Semantic, valid XHTML and CSS Well Commmented Code and detailed Help Documentation Based on 960 grid system – endless layout options Cross Browser Compatible Super Clean and Lightweight Superfish Navigation Menu (Mult Level) Modal Boxes

  20. Thin Admin Template

    Thin Admin Template

    “Thin Admin” is the brand new, cutting-edge, super flexible, totally responsive Administration Theme based on Bootstrap 3 Framework. You can use Thin Admin Template in a simple and intuitive way for all your backend applications and thanks to the several customization options you will also be able to customize the template style, color and layout, according to your taste and preferences. It does not matter where you will open Thin-Admin: Be it on smart phones, tablets or computer desktops, it will perfectly adapt to all your electronic devices. Version 1.4 (28 Oct 2013): - Form Wizard - DropZone (Drag Drop file upload) - Multi-file upload Version 1.3 (25 Oct 2013): - Dynamic Table Version 1.2 (24 Oct 2013): - T

  21. Target - Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template

    Target - Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template

    Target Admin is a sleek, responsive admin theme that allows you to get your project started quickly and with ease. Included are multiple example pages, elements styles, and javascript widgets to get your project started. Features Bootstrap 3.0 Font Awesome 4.0 jQuery 1.9.1 jQuery UI 1.10.0 Parsley Validation Bootstrap Date Picker Bootstrap Time Picker jQuery iCheck Simple Color Picker Select 2 Jasny File Upload Textarea Autosize Textarea Counter Basic Tabs Pill Tabs Stacked Tabs Accordion Pricing Tables Social Feed Portlet Boxes Datatables Column Sorting Column Filtering Pagination Search Row Info Responsive Tables Checkable Table Plugin jQuery UI Sliders Growl Plugin Magnific Popup jQuery Full Calendar jQuery Sparkline Morris.js Char

  22. Gloria Responsive Admin Panel ver 1.1 Gloria is Responsive Admin Panel with Nice Feature like: Clean Design base on Bootstrap 3.0 Smart Top Navigation Smart "Quick access" panel Social Dynamic Panel PSD file included Responsive File Manager include php source file PushMenu panel for Message Center Color Picker for Choose colors according to "your taste"

  23. We proudly introduce ZT Cramos – our new Jan Joomla Template. ZT Cramos is a delicate and delightful Joomla template, which will match any type of content you put on your site. As a multiple purpose template, ZT Cramos perfectly fits for every kind of online shop: Jewelry, beauty, shoes, fashion store. If you are having a plan to start a website about Business, Photography, or Personal, ZT Cramos also help you make your work become better. ZT Cramos was designed for JoomShopping – a powerful eCommerce software for Joomla! with world-wide popularity and a powerful, flexible feature set. ZT Cramos also comes with 3 awesome joomshopping module: ZT Jshopping Categories, ZT Jshopping Manufacturers, ZT Jshopping Bestseller Products which will make your site more flexible, professional. ::Responsive Web Design:: ZT Melano is a fully responsive template, which means it adapts to the screen resolution of the device it is being viewed on. Your website will be equally usable and good-looking whether it is being viewed on large monitors, laptops, tablet devices, and smartphones. ::Cross-Browser Support:: ZT Cramos looks great on the browsers people use: IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Mobile Safari, the Android Browser and Chrome for Android. ::Tons of Shortcodes:: We carefully handcrafted this joomla template with a strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience. ZT Cramos delivers the shortcodes you need in spades, letting you quickly and easily put together great content and sharp layouts. ::Joomla Template Features:: + ZT Melano document + Compatible with both: Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x + Powerful admin control panel + Right To Left (RTL) language supported + Zo2 Framework ( supported: Drag & Drop layout builder + Includes Amazing ZT Layer Revolution Slider + Easy to make new skin/style for your shop in the admin panel without knowledge of coding + Responsive web design: show up great on both Mac, Windows, iPad, Tablets, iPhones, Android and windows phones + Mega Menus supported: Allow you add categories, custom static block (video, banner, links..) to the navigation + Off Canvas menus supported + Google Analytic, Google Authorship integrated + Tons of Shortcode + Social Sharing integrated + FontAwesome Icons integrated + K2 CCK extension supported + Search Engine Optimize + Back to top button + 600+ Google Fonts + Delivered with source Adobe .PSD files + Well-comment CSS and PHP code files + Cross Browser Support ( IE 8+ , Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera 9+ ) ::Support:: We back up our themes with 100% free support. We have a support forum set up for our users. Please visit our forum and create a free account with your purchase code then post a question in the forum, we will be right with you! Support questions are answered within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday. Questions in the comment section on Creativemarket may be overlooked so please use the support forum, its easier to use, searchable and other users can help and be helped. Please Note: Support is limited to questions regarding the theme’s features or problems with the theme. We are not able to provide support for code customizations or third-party plugins.



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