Quiz: Which Font Describes Your Personality?

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    Which font describes your personality?

    It's not always about the words you utter but the way you say them. Discover more about your inner creative edge and find out which type of font reflects the way you create. And yes we did spend far too long agonising over which font to write this in!


    You're the sort of dependable person that everyone wants in their team. You've got classic tastes but you're also up to the minute. This makes you effortlessly hip and everyone loves your approachable nature. You're a true all round winner!


    You're the web start up font of choice so we'd expect you to be quick moving, entrepreneurial and maybe just a little bit obsessive about the things that rock your world. Always positive, you're great fun to be around. Just remember not to work too hard!

    Comic Sans

    You're always the funny one in the group. Of course we mean funny ha-ha, rather than weird, but let's face it, weird is good is too. If there's an amusing edge to a situation you'll spot and tell everyone about it and this sunny nature feeds your creative talents.


    We'll need to up our game if we're going to be hanging around you because you are so achingly cool. With your modern sleek look we know you're always going to be ahead of the game - you might even be creating a whole new game! 


    You're the person everyone turns to when things suddenly get more complicated than anyone expected! People respect your sturdy, authoritative stature. They may even come to you for advice because you don't tend to shy away from big decisions. Just be careful they don't take you for granted! 


    You may have a vintage allure about you but it doesn't mean that you're behind the times. You have no issues with crossing barriers or defying current thinking if it creates a fantastic result. But that's the key. A focused soul like you demands results from your designs. It's got to be beautiful and functional. 

    How creative are your daydreams?

    They're essential to my creative output

    It depends on what's distracting me at the time

    They might be creative but they're not remotely useful!

    When it comes to color you:

    Think that bold is best

    Prefer working in the same tones for each job

    Like to use few colors for maximum effect

    Love using LOTS of color

    What inspires you most?


    Other talented people


    A difficult brief

    You're going to a work-related party. What best describes your choice of outfit?

    Whatever I usually wear to work

    Whatever I usually wear to party in

    Something unusual to get extra attention

    Something that makes me feel good

    Which of these design quotes resonates most with you?

    The enemy of art is the absence of limitations

    Owning a camera doesn’t make you a photographer

    Never show fools unfinished work

    Designers don’t actually solve problems. They work through them.

    Making good design is easy. It’s polishing the half-assed stuff that takes time.

    Good art inspires; Good design motivates.

    When it comes to being in the spotlight you're most likely to say:

    Hey! Look at me!

    Hey! Let's get this thing done together.

    Hey. Are they looking at me?

    How would you prefer to relax?

    Doing something energetic to sweat out the stress

    Doing some meditation or yoga by myself

    Doing nothing - just chilling out

    Doing something fun with friends

    Where would you prefer to hang out with your friends?

    A trendy bar with great decor and the best drinks

    Anywhere there is room for all of to get together

    Somewhere easy to get to

    Somewhere I haven't tried yet

    You're working from home. What is most likely to distract you

    The kitchen - endless food distractions

    Chores - I'll just do that after I've tidied the kitchen

    The TV - who's going to know?

    The Internet - it starts with work but there are way too many distractions!

    Are you more of an extrovert online than in real life?


    There's no real difference

    No way!

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