The Best 90s Fonts to Replicate your Favorite Movies & TV Shows

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  1. Bayshore + New! Neon Glow Styles

    Bayshore + New! Neon Glow Styles

    Perm your hair, squeeze into your lycra, and retro-fy your text with **Bayshore**! A totally tubular mono-line script font straight out of the 80's. This hand-drawn font is perfect for creating slick & stylish lettering. Whether it’s for logos, product packaging or merchandise, Bayshore is guaranteed to give your text an unmistakeable retro quality. Bayshore comes as a single font file with plenty of added features which allow you to customise your text; **Large Glyph Set** • Full upper & lowercase a-z character set included, with a large range of punctuation and multilingual support. **End Swashes** • Each lower-case character has a separate ‘end-swash’ version, use this for the last letter in a word to give it a custom-feel styling. These end-swashes are accessible via any software with Opentype capabilities, simply by turning on ‘Stylistic Alternates’. **Underline Swashes** • Four swashes of varying lengths are also available, simply by typing any of the square brackets [ ] { }. These can be used to underline your text and give it a real eye-catching quality. With a bit of extra imagination the swashes can also be integrated with the letters to create extended strokes. **New Update! 10 Neon Glow Photoshop Styles (requires Photoshop)** • I've also included 10 neon glow Photoshop layer styles, perfect for adding that extra flash to your Bayshore text. Simply open the 'Bayshore Neon Glows.asl' file with Photoshop to install it to your style presets! (See final preview image for a video installation & usage guide). If you've already previously purchased Bayshore, and would like to receive the new Photoshop styles, you can simply re-download the product right here on the font page. Just hit the 'Download Now' button at the top of the page! Thanks for looking & I hope you enjoy it! Please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any issues or queries. And in the words of one of my favourite 80’s movies, always remember; *“Be excellent to each other.”*

  2. The Ultimate 90s Font Pack

    The Ultimate 90s Font Pack

    Oh Snap! The Ultimate 90s Font Pack is here! Four fonts oozing with that casual fun style that defined the decade, bundled together and 50% off! As a bonus, an **exclusive bubbly font** has been thrown in just for kicks. It doesn't get any more fun than this! The Ultimate 90s Font Pack can be used for personal or commercial projects, in logos, on items for purchase with unlimited sales, and can be turned into a web font (web font files are **not** included in the download). --- ** Files Included:** - Truant in OTF and TTF format - Truant Alternates in OTF and TTF format - Totally Tubular in OTF and TTF format - Totally Tubular Outline in OTF and TTF format - Childish Reverie Font in OTF and TTF format - Childish Reverie Doodles in OTF and TTF format - Highflier Regular in OTF and TTF format - Highflier Shadow in OTF and TTF format - Highflier Scribble in OTF and TTF format - Highflier Slice in OTF and TTF format - Highflier Block in OTF and TTF format - **BONUS:** Oh Snap! and Oh Snap! Filler in OTF and TTF format

  3. The Moonlight

    The Moonlight

    **Buy this item with 97% OFF in Aiyari Handmade Font Bundle Just For $17: https://crmrkt.com/xld50K** --- Introducing a new handwritten font called **The Moonlight** . Inspired by ball pen handwritten combine with retro (80-90's) nuance. The typeface came with open type features such stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, & ligatures and also support with the PUA encoded to help you make a stunning design. **The Moonlight** perfect for headings, logo type, quotes, apparel design, invitations, flyer, poster, greeting cards, product packaging, book cover, printed quotes, cover album, movie, etc. --- **WHAT INCLUDES** **The Moonloght Font** : 2 Otf File The Moonlight Regular & Swash 2 Ttf File The Moonlight Regular & Swash **The Moonlight Extras** : 1 Ai & Eps (Cs3) File Graphic Pack --- To access the alternate glyphs, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS and Adobe Indesign. How to use open type feature https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/special-characters.html --- **More similiar item** - **Saturday Night** : https://crmrkt.com/E4rpbM - **Thunderstorm** : https://crmrkt.com/j8DprO - **Lovadelic** : https://crmrkt.com/0pMywy - **Winter Is Coming** : https://crmrkt.com/3j5gj9 --- Enjoy!

  4. Boneless - Plus Bonus

    Boneless - Plus Bonus

    Born from the old punk rock music posters and a fast imperfections bad boy handwritings, total rockin' out vibes guaranteed for your music events, band names, and for those who need to free their rebel sides. That's what Boneless come up for They comes with OTF and TTF file, Uppercase, Lowercase (as an alternate characters), Numbers, and Punctuations And to finish the awesomeness, i give you a 7 Texture Pack as a bonus for it (the download link is on the txt file) Go check it on Behance for more preview and details : http://bit.ly/1ryPdM6 Rock your world! Thanks

  5. Atomic Dustbin Font

    Atomic Dustbin Font

    Atomic Dustbin a grungy handmade brush display font. It was created with a thick dry brush , black ink and paper. I was trying to get that dirty brush stroke look and feel, with all the lovely detail that can produce. I named the font after the 90's indie band Neds Atomic Dustbin. Who got the name from an episode of the goon show. It's a unicase font so it has no lowercase glyphs. That makes it perfect for bold and heavy headlines. It's messy so it's going to give you that graffiti/urban style. **Opentype Alternatives** Atomic Dustbin has 3 alternatives for each letter and 2 for each number, and a few extra punctuation marks. Using OpenType contextual alternatives that cycle through the glyphs and to give you a more random looking typeface. You will need to enable the contextual alternates in your design application. Or if you wanted, you can still select them manually as stylistic alternatives **Atomic Dustbin font includes;** - 2 styles Regular and oblique - Contextual alternatives - Uppercase letters only - Numbers - Punctuation & Symbols - Western European characters - Central European characters - South Eastern European characters - OTF --- **Check out** my other fonts—http://bit.ly/itsmesimon

  6. MEMPHIS Type Collection

    MEMPHIS Type Collection

    **Updated July 21 to include an installable color font!** I'm very excited to release this update, an installable font made with the help of the Fontself Maker Photoshop plugins (https://www.fontself.com). This font includes: - Memphis, a color OTF font. **Color OTF fonts are not compatible with all software - basically just Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.** - 4 styles of the typeface. Regular, Dark (for use on dark backgrounds), Solid (no patterns), and Dark Solid (no patterns, for use on dark backgrounds). As a designer I'm so excited about the possibilities that color fonts offer! Read more about color fonts and their possibilities here: https://creativemarket.com/blog/color-fonts --- Okay, maybe you can tell from recent uploads that I'm really getting into the Memphis-comeback style! One of the best ways to utilise this style is with **bold, graphic text that combines bright colors and bold patterns**... but this effect can be time consuming to create from scratch. Enter: The Memphis Type Collection! A vector alphabet that makes beautiful, custom-looking, modern type made easy. - **Filetype:** OTF, AI, EPS, JPG, and PNG. Legacy format for Illustrator also included - **4 versions** of each letter included: patterned, solid, for light background, and for dark background - **Unique** letters that work perfectly together! - **Complete** set: all capital letters, numbers, and punctuation (period, comma/apostrophe, exclamation point, question mark) PLUS! Included with this alphabet are - **Catchwords** 10 words related to this style. Vector + raster formats. - **Quotes** 5 beautiful pre-made quotes. Vector + raster formats - **Patterns** 10 coordinating patterns, each in 7 colors! Seamless 5000x5000 px PNGs and JPGs, plus an AI file with pattern swatches. This is a perfect tool for gorgeous title text, drop caps, quotes, branding, and other Memphis-style applications. I can't wait to see what you create! --- If you have any questions or comments, before or after purchase, please let me know! Check out more of our products here: - Pattern Pairing Bundle: https://creativemarket.com/anugrahadesign/1312405-Pattern-Pairing-Intro-Sale - Pop Pattern Bundle: https://creativemarket.com/anugrahadesign/1323924-POP-Pattern-Bundle - Overlap Pattern Bundle: https://creativemarket.com/anugrahadesign/1268676-OVERLAP-Pattern-Bundle

  7. Novanta


    ***BONUSES ADDED!!!*** ------ Unio proudly introduces “***Novanta***” !!! **Go back to the shocking and awesome 1990's via this retro font and relive this famous decade.** **It was a time when new attitudes and new technology brought us into our future…so let’s reload 90s!!!** **Specifications:** - Format: **.otf, .ttf, .eot, .woff, .woff2, .ai, .psd, .asl** - Files included: **Novanta Font, Novanta Vector, Novanta Pattern, Novanta Style** Thanks for viewing/downloading, **Unio**. ***Mockups and backgrounds are*** **NOT** ***included.Only for illustration purpose. Help file included.***

  8. Outrunner Retro Script

    Outrunner Retro Script

    Remember the 80's era once people wearing vibrant colors, go to the disco or watching science fiction movie with colorful posters and listening to the dance music? Yeah...We should revert back to the 80s! --- **Outrunner** is retro classic script font that bring you back at 80's era! This font is suitable for your retro, classic and also modern design : Signature. Logo. Branding. Invitation. Blog Headline. Merchandise and many more. To get the best result combine the font with alternates of opentype features. If you have any question how to use it please contact me --- **Feature :** - Lowercase - Uppercase - Numerals - Alternates - Punctuation - Diacritic --- **File :** Available in OTF and TTF --- How to access all character and glyphs? Please check this link to access opentype and special characters : https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/special-characters.html Thanks and don't forget to spread some loves! Cheers!

  9. Thunderstorm + Extras

    Thunderstorm + Extras

    **Buy this item with 97% OFF in Aiyari Handmade Font Bundle Just For $17: https://crmrkt.com/xld50K** --- **NEW UPDATE Multilanguage support (Central European) & New font Thunderstorm Signature** Introducing **Thunderstorm** typeface. A hand-made brush typeface inspired by 80s-90s music, retro, disco, grunge, and pop culture. uses for poster, logo, clothing, books, invitation, logo, etc. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When Purchasing this fonts you will receive all off the following formats : - 2 ttf - 2 otf - ai (Extra Pack) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To access the alternate glyphs, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS and Adobe Indesign. How to use open type feature https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/special-characters.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **More similiar item** - **Lucidity** : https://crmrkt.com/Rr5wA4 - **The Beardy** : https://crmrkt.com/gpV0k6 - **Lovadelic** : https://crmrkt.com/0pMywy - **Saturday Night** : https://crmrkt.com/E4rpbM - **The Moonlight** : https://crmrkt.com/o9DjPO - **Winter Is Coming** : https://crmrkt.com/3j5gj9 --- Enjoy!



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