Test: Can You Pick The Apple Logo Out of a Lineup?

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    Pop quiz hot shot: which of the images below is the Apple logo? Give yourself about five seconds to choose, with no cheating! Which one do you pick?

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    It sounds simple enough right? Apple is one of the most ubiquitous companies on the planet, and most of us see this logo in some form or another. However, a study involving 85 UCLA students (75 of which owned Apple products), a stunning 84 of them got it wrong! You read that right, only one person got it right! The ultimate conclusion of the study is that our visual memory pretty much sucks.

    As an Apple blogger and graphic designer, I can proudly say that I had no trouble picking out the right logo, and in fact thought this whole thing was total bull. After asking a few other people though, not only did they take a long time to venture a guess, they actually got it wrong.

    Did You Guess It Right?

    The correct answer is of course "B". Is that what you guessed? Let us know in the comments below. And be honest!

    Via Spring.org

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