Illustrator Reimagines Classic Superheroes as Tim Burton Characters

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    Tim Burton, as a director (and a person) is a bit of an odd duck. He's the guy that brought us Edward Scissorhands, naturally, as well as tons of other weird and quirky flicks that seem to defy description. What would other genres look like with that same vision? We don't have to wait any longer to find out, because artist Andrew Tarusov has done the hard work for us.

    Tarusov was born in Russia, but currently resides in L.A., where he practices his craft in illustration and animation. He's worked with some big-name clients, too, including Disney, 20th Century Fox and Cosmopolitan, just to name a few. But this latest bit of work combines his own quirky style with that of Tim Burton, and mixes it all up in today's most popular film genre, superheroes. For me, a comic book guy, it's good stuff.

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    For more of Tarusov's work, check out his website or Facebook page, or check out his new Kickstarter project.

    via Bored Panda


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