Avatar Creator Kits To Make Your Own Characters

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  1. Monster and Character Creation Kit

    Monster and Character Creation Kit

    We all love character and monster creation kits so i decided to make one for you. In this pack you will find 20 body shapes and over 120 body parts and accessories. All of them are 100% vectors easy to modify. Change the colors, re-size and modify the shapes in any way you want. The file is very well organised and layered for easy use and navigation. Create Characters, Smiley faces, Logos, Icons, Illustrations, T-shirt designs and more! There are literally millions of combinations you can get out of this creation kit. Pack contents: - AI files for all CS versions - High resolution EPS, PNG and JPG files - A pack of 12 premade characters - Quick tutorial on how to apply the patterns to the characters with ease Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any help or have any questions. Enjoy and Have Fun!

  2. Make Your Character

    Make Your Character

    **Make your character!** Set of fully masculine replaceable flat characters. Nine heads, four skin tones and ten clothes. Vector EPS, PSD, no transparencies. Also you can buy **Make Your Female Character** http://crtv.mk/q0HFi July Pluto, **[email protected]**

  3. Happy Male Character Icons

    Happy Male Character Icons

    Set of 15 happy male character Icons created with a flat and minimal style. The download includes two file types: eps and jpg. All icons are infinitely scalable and editable.

  4. F.U.N Avatar Creation Kit

    F.U.N Avatar Creation Kit

    Very proud to represent our new F.U.N Avatar Creation Kit, a vector kit to make hundreds variations of avatar. FEATURE : - Vector - .PSD .AI & .EPS - Resizable - Editable - Very very easy to use, just hide/show layer - High Quality result - Unique Style - Stand out from boring flat avatar Female Version coming next month, stay tune!

  5. Football avatar constructor

    Football avatar constructor

    Cute tool for creating football characters. **Inside the file you will find:** - 5 skin tone - 5 eye color - 5 hair color - 30 hair style - 15 beard style - 24 football uniform - 1 arbitrator uniform Use your creation in any way you need! Characters are perfect for web avatars, social media profiles, infographics, marketing, advertising, presentations, animations, flyers, posters, cards, etc. **The archive contains:** - AI CS file - EPS10 file **Create your own football team!** Thank you for visit and following! ♥

  6. Female Avatar Generator

    Female Avatar Generator

    **Here Ye' Here Ye'! Check Out Our Newest Product, The Amazing Female Avatar Generator!** The New Female Avatar Generator blows our male version out of the water by allowing you to create not just billions of combinations but **TRILLIONS**. Thats right! You read it correctly folks, our new Female Avatar Generator gives you trillions of possible combinations! We have really tried to out do ourselves with this new Avatar Generator! (: --- **This generator is perfect for:** - Socia Media Profiles (Share your personality and mood across your social platforms!) - Author/Blog Profiles (Got a Blog? Use custom avatars for your postings!) - Internal Portraits (Create custom avatars for all your coworkers/employees) - Photo Placeholders (Waiting for someone to send you a photo? Use these as placeholders!) - Personas (Perfect for Branding, UI, UX work!) - Gifts (Custom avatars for all your besties!) - Dating Profiles (Much better than duck face selfies!) - Fake ID Pictures (Perfect for when you're trying to sneak into PG-13 movies :P) And much much more. --- **Here is what you will have to choose from** - 5 Different Facial Shapes - 5 Different Skin Tones - 24 Different Hair Options - 12 Different Hair Color Options - 13 Different Noses (With Each set in the Different Skin Tones) - 75+ Different Sets of Eyes (Some with Expressions and Some Simple) - 14 Different Sets of Eyebrows - 75+ Different Mouths Options **BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!** Because you are all so amazing, we have decided to add a little more to this already amazing Avatar Generator for FREE! - **Bonus** 12 Hair Dye Options for those who like to add a little color to their hair. --- **Don't Worry! Our Avatar Generator is Built in Adobe Illustrator and Very Easy To Use!** We are including a detailed instruction manual with our Avatar Generator so that its easy to create your army of amazing avatars! The Avatar Generator is available only in Adobe Illustrator CS4+. (: We will be expanding all of our Avatar Generators to include .Sketch Files in the near future, but for now this option is unavailable. --- **Be Sure to Snag Our Female Avatar Generator Now! Something As Amazing As This Can't Stay At This Low Price For Long** This Avatar Generator (Along with all future variants) will be ever growing! We plan on expanding these packs with additional options and add ons giving you even more amazing options! --- **The Variants Are Coming! The Variants Are Coming!** We are not just stopping at Male Avatars! Be on the lookout for our future variants including: Infant-to-Elderly Avatars Generator Monster Avatar Generator Animal Avatar Generator And Many More To Come!

  7. Character creation toolkit - Ladies

    Character creation toolkit - Ladies

    ** Character Creation Toolkit - Ladies Edition** This fun toolkit will help you to create your own unique character. You will have plenty possibilities for customization everything - from head shape to body action.All parts of the body are separated so you can choose and make a different poses for each character. Also included color palette suggestion for skin tones and for hair color. For men characters visit here: http://crtv.mk/qxvI For children characters visit here: https://crmrkt.com/eK4xx Inside the main file you will find: *14 head shapes *28 hair styles *14 eyes expressions *15 mouth expressions *36 accessories *29 outfits *11 hands actions - left and right hands *23 different objects *29 pre-made characters Where it can be used: Characters are perfect for web avatars, great for mascots, can be used in business presentations, on business cards, as avatars for your company fellows, as t-shirt design, in animations, product showcase, as presentor on flyers and posters. Details: AI CS file - fully layered EPS 10 file - layered Jpg preview file For any question or comment please contact me:) Enjoy!

  8. Character creator. Ladies edition.

    Character creator. Ladies edition.

    With this collection you can create your own characters so simple. **Make it just in 2 clicks:** **Step 1** — choose a head. **Step 2** — choose a body. Your character is ready to use. Collection also includes 30 pre-made characters. **YOU WILL GET:** **1 EPS-10 file** — 30 heads and 30 bodies **1 JPEG file** — preview **1 EPS-10 file** — 30 characters ready to use **1 JPEG file** — preview **30 PNG files** — 30 heads (300 dpi) **30 PNG files** — 30 bodies (300 dpi) **30 PNG files** — 30 pre-made characters (300 dpi) If you have any questions, please let me know

  9. Make Your Female Character

    Make Your Female Character

    **Make your female character!** Set of fully feminine replaceable flat characters. Nine heads, four skin tones and ten clothes. Vector EPS, PSD, no transparencies. Also you can buy **Make Your Character** in male style http://crtv.mk/d072M July Pluto, **[email protected]**

  10. Figure Construction Kit (Vol. 1)

    Figure Construction Kit (Vol. 1)

    Honey I shrunk... EVERYONE! Ever wanted to be your own Lego(r) Minifigure? Now you can with these high quality Illustrator files. These templates give you basic outlines for adults, kids, and even a dog, as well as a dozen different characters with bottoms, tops, hairpieces, and faces. All of them are interchangeable and ready for your use. Change the colors on any element for infinite different combinations. WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE COLLECTION: 1 Adobe Illustrator File containing 3 art boards. Each artboard contains different templated elements for your use in creating your own Lego(r) style minifigures. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Thank you! Jackson Fish Market Designers

  11. Smart cat kit #1

    Smart cat kit #1

    Hello! This is smart cat speaking. I'm the best friend of presentations and websites where you need an expressive and simple flat character. I got all various poses and funny faces and set of icons and props to combine me with. Meow :) --- What's inside: - EPS 10 - huge hires transparent PNG --- Hola! Is this set good? Is it bad? You find it cool but it doesn't suite to your design? Write me a word! I collect your wishes for new thing

  12. CreHeads - Fun Creature Heads Logo

    CreHeads - Fun Creature Heads Logo

    Ever wanted a logo with a funky creature head? Look no further! This is an illustrative creature head mascot logo which is perfect for many businesses, especially those strongly related to art, creativity, cool ideas, invention and technology. Create your custom creature head with this pack, and you'll end up with your very own unique logo! To make things easier, we have included a quite extensive creature head creator inside. Flip, turn, resize, click and drag elements to form the head, then recolor the shapes to come up with your own crehead! Everything is done in vector, so it his highly customizable and can be resized without loss of quality. Colors are in CMYK and it's very easy to edit. Just click the colored area and pick a color to change them! The full color version of this logo still looks great when printed on smaller media (such as name card and thank you card). Concepts and ideation: A mascot logo is becoming more and more popular these days, and expressive faces always draw viewers' attention! The main concept is to create an illustrative creature head mascot logo which is whimsical, fun, colorful and stylish while making sure it is also suitable as a logo: looks great on business cards, flyers, etc. Since this is not an exclusive logo template, we put an extra effort to include a creature head creator inside. We believe that the more customizable the mascot, all the better for the buyers to come up with their very own unique logo. Important notes: - Although possible, printing this logo with less than 3 colors are not recommended as this one is illustrative in style. When in doubt, always go with full CMYK printing. - This logo consists of gradient and transparency effects, so please make sure your Adobe version is CS and above. - White and bright-colored background is recommended. - Sometimes one element doesn't match the head shape exactly so you have be creative! Each element can be flipped, resized, skewed, rotated, stretched, recolor etc to match the head. - Font used is Pusab (can be downloaded at http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Pusab), but this mark will go well with most sans-serif, bold and funky style fonts. Personal customization of the logo / mascot (e.g. additional elements, custom expressions etc) is possible. Just drop me a line via my site!

  13. 50%OFF • Professional Characters Kit

    50%OFF • Professional Characters Kit

    **This month 50% OFF.** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Professional characters kit:** - **26(+1 bonus!)** different professions and hairstyles for them. - Male and female versions. - **200+** different professional tools and items. All illustrations in **vector EPS, PSD, no transparencies**. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Professions:** - Astronaut - Barber - Builder - Business - Cook - Doctor - Farmer - Firefighter - Fitness trainer - Gamer - Janitor - Judge - Mailman - Office worker - Photographer - Plumber - Police - Scientist - Sportsman - Spy - Steward - Superhero - Surgeon - Tattoo master - Teacher - Waiter **BONUS:** - Santa Claus and christmas stuff --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- July Pluto, [email protected]

  14. Business Scenes Generator

    Business Scenes Generator

    This file included business vector illustration generator. **1. Characters generator:** *Main* - 2 positions (sit and stand) - 3 types of bode (normal, strong, with belly) - 3 clothes types (sit and stand) *For head* - 5 colors for all hairs on head (gray, light, brown, orange, black) - 11 hairstyles - 23 eyes styles (you can change color if you need. Default - brown ) - 4 eyebrows type (+4 position for each) - 7 glasses styles - 2 ears types - 13 beards styles - 6 mouth types - 6 mustache types - 9 noses types *About body* - 6 hands positions for each types of bodies (for stand) - 3 hands positions for each types of bodies (for sit) - 1 legs position for stand - 2 legs positions for sit **2. Office generator:** - 9 tables types - 11 chairs - 8 desk lamps - 10 up-lamp - 24 office objects (for table and shelves) - 5 computers - 6 shelves styles - 5 objects for wall - 16 types of room plants (for table and ground) - 2 presentation items - 13 background textures styles **BONUS:** - 34 yellow business icons in cartoon style - 34 color business icons in cartoon style - 4 bubbles shapes

  15. Character Design Kit

    Character Design Kit

    Vector Character Design Kit : - 22 Hairstyles ( with different colours you can make endless different hairstyles) - 5 eye glasses - 8 different mouths - 3 eyebrows and 4 different eye drawing for facial expressions - Premade Design File with 108 cute vector characters - Separated design kits for boys and girls. You can easily play with the layers and make your own characters. - Also a file with symbols, you can easily drag and drop the eyes, hairs moats etc. and make your own characters. - AI CS3 and EPS10 Files. Have fun with your characters.!

  16. Hand-Illustrated Avatars

    Hand-Illustrated Avatars

    This set of 40 avatars icons was illustrated by hand. You get 40 hand-drawn detailed icons for your social network or anything you want. **What's included:** - 40 individual hand-illustrated avatar icons - 20 women avatars - 20 men avatars - 1 Ai file (min. version CS) with all 40 illustrations - 1 EPS file (min. version CS) with all 40 illustrations - 2 high resolution PNG files with transparent background (men and women separetly)

  17. Face Maker Bundle - Sketch

    Face Maker Bundle - Sketch

    “Face Maker Bundle” are 65 pixel-perfect vector assets — in SVG, PDF, EPS and Sketch source file — to help you easily create infinite lovely avatars for your projects with style. **Compatible with the awesome IconJar application** - IconJar gives you the ability to store all your icons in one place, just one click away. Download it now → http://geticonjar.com/ --- **Here's why you'll love these Face Maker Bundle:** - Consistent, modern, minimalist style. - Compatible with IconJar, import in seconds the full bundle. - All files and folders are neatly organized. Each asset is properly named. --- **With Face Maker Bundle you get:** Source File: - **Sketch** (editable layer style, 65 assets) --- Ready to Use Assets: - **SVG** (individual asset, 65 assets) - **EPS** (individual asset, 65 assets) - **PDF** (individual asset, 65 assets) --- **Download and test drive the free packs:** - https://www.dropbox.com/s/onwr0z9i47cnk34/demo-bundle-face-maker.zip?dl=0

  18. Avatar Creator v.1

    Avatar Creator v.1

    **Avatar Creator** is constructor made to design new character. You can create Male or Female character from blank or by using existing character (included 40 characters). Files included: AI, EPS, PNG



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