Awesome Site Designs with Video Backgrounds

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    An exciting trend in web design that’s on the rise is the use of full-screen video background on pages. Rather than use simple colored backgrounds or even photos, designers are using videos to create even more complex, impressive, aesthetically pleasing using videos that are helpful at communicating a narrative. Check these 10 websites out below to see some great examples of video backgrounds in web design.

    1. Life of Pi

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    The visually stunning Life of Pi movie, released in 2012, uses a beautiful video background on it makes sense. The visuals of Life of Pi are stunning, so its an effective marketing method for the movie because visitors can automatically get a glimpse of why they’d want to watch it.

    2. Eagleclean.co.uk

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    EagleClean is a specialized cleaning company in central London. Their website design is particularly effective because it incorporates a video background with a hand cleaning the screen as you view the page. Not only does the video help lend meaning to the site so people understand what the company does, but it also allows the company to showcase its personality and give it a fun, quirky edge.

    3. Dromoland Castle 

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    Dromoland Castle is a stunning country estate in Ireland where visitors can book stays. The site’s video background showcases the beauty of the grounds and the estate, and it does a good job of enticing viewers and showing them why they’d want to visit, without making them click any links.

    4. Dabaab Stories

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    The Dabaab Stories site tells the story behind the largest refugee camp in the world. The site’s video background gives visitors a glimpse into life at the camp, and it gives an appropriate and informative background to the rest of the stories on the site, shared by real life residents.

    5. Blacknegative

    Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.00.56 AMPin It

    Blacknegative is a company that creates, develops, directs and designs complex and beautiful webpages and videos. Their own site is a beautiful one, incorporating both horizontal scrolling and video backgrounds. Not only is the video background they use chic and elegant, but it allows them to show potential customers the extent of their design abilities.

    6. British Higher School of Art and Design 

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    The British Higher School of Art and Design is an informative site about the school in Moscow Russia. The website incorporates a video background on its landing page, showing visitors what the school’s beautiful interior looks like, as well as giving them a feel for what daily life is like there and the kind of people that attend the school.

    7. I Surf Because

    Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.26.16 AMPin It

    I surf because is a website promoting surfing that encourages people to submit the reasons why they surf. The video background shows impressive clips of surfers surfing waves. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, but it also encourages people to think about why they surf – and might even motivate them to get off their computer and get out to the waves.

    8. Tub Gin

    Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.27.32 AMPin It

    Tub Gin is a brand of artisanal gin. Its website is chic and vintage feeling, which goes along with the speakeasy aesthetic of the brand. The site offers several different video backgrounds for pages, but it also lets you skip the video and go to a page with a simple image, if you so choose.

    9. Havana Club

    Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.29.02 AMPin It

    The website for the Havana Club, which contains tons of helpful information about Havana nightlife, bars and culture, uses video background of the city changing from day to night. The site’s video is a great way to showcase the beauty of the city and entice people to go there, and it also helps communicate the idea that the site contains info both about general travel and tourism and nightlife.

    10. Valentino

    Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.30.06 AMPin It

    One of the most legendary Italian high-fashion brands, Valentino, uses video background to showcase some of their best products on their homepage. Not only does the page showcase the products, but the animation of the video helps communicate the brand’s aesthetic and the quirkiness of this particular year’s designs.


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