20 Whimsical Fonts That Look Like They're Straight Out of a Fairy T...

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  1. Rustal Typo Font

    Rustal Typo Font

    Rustal Typo – With this font you get handmade vintage typeface. *It is recommended to use this font in Illustrator or programs where you can see all glyphs. Please report if you find any bugs or have some problems with this font. For any questions: 24/7 E-mail Support:[email protected]

  2. Neverland Handmade Font

    Neverland Handmade Font

    **Neverland Fantasy Display** --- Inspired from fantasy movie posters and classic graphic novel cover. The **AXR Neverland** is an epic typeface for you to make the design feel wonderful due to your imaginative fantasy idea. Explore your idea and make an impressive environment for your graphic project by using this two type of fonts, whether the shadowed or regular one they will represent your epic idea, your everlasting fantasy style project! Imagine of Alice In Wonderland, Wizard Of OZ or Narnia. --- **File Format :** TTF and OTF **Bonus : ** Ornaments in AI + EPS format You can access and test the ligatures by pressing the caps lock off on your keyboard. **Ligatures including :** The, Of, In, At, And, To, On, By, For, With. Glyph including ampersand (&) --- Don't forget to click each preview and scroll to see what you get. Please leave comments and rate this font if you like it. Happy designing fellas! Cheers!

  3. Liam


    To view the User Guide that shows all of the features and what's included, visit: http://bit.ly/1R6ckbm NOTE: For questions, including how to use this font and access alternates, please visit the FAQs page on my website: http://lauraworthingtontype.com/faqs/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Liam is a quirky hand-drawn serif that bounces playfully around the baseline. Named after my young nephew, Liam’s cute cowlick curls and varying slants add childlike charm while retaining legibility, making it ideal for use in storybooks, toys, and other kid stuff. Includes 130 alternates and 52 adorable illustrations.

  4. Fairy Tale Font with Extras

    Fairy Tale Font with Extras

    **PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE GLYPHS PANEL** - In order to access alternate uppercase and lowercase glyphs you will need software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop CC. Introducing **The Fairy Tale Font with Extras**, a whimsical hand drawn font with two alternates for uppercase glyphs, one for lowercase glyphs, catchwords, dingbats and vector graphics file. The creation of this font started years ago, when I was given a task to illustrate several famous fairy tales, including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Lewis Carroll's novel Alice in Wonderland. I felt I needed a more playful, rules-breaking, nonsensical type than what was available in 2010. So I drew the glyphs as needed, along with the storybook characters. They were such a success that I decided to make sets and, in 2012, offered them for use to other designers as vector stock files (see http://www.vectorzine.com/photo/MzAyN2I5OWJhZWViMQ==/hand-drawn-alphabet.html and related illustrations). This is the first time I have gathered all those glyphs, added new ones and made it into a proper typeface, effectively making **THREE** wonky display typefaces folded into one, with loads of extras. The Fairy Tale Font makes it easy to create unique art and add fun to creating greeting cards, flyers, posters and products for sale. **The zipped package contains:** - Fairy Tale Font with two sets of alternates for uppercase glyphs and one set of alternates for lowercase glyphs (glyphs panel needed to be able to see and use the alternates); - Fairy Tale Extras TTF/OTF file, with catchwords and over 40 Fairy Tale-themed dingbats; - Fairy Tale Extras cheat sheet, JPEG file - EPS file with a set of over 60 fairy tale-themed crisp vector graphic elements; - JPEG preview of the vector set; - Text note listing the other fonts used in this presentation, with links. Please make sure to contact me if you experience any problems, I'll be happy to help! Thank you and remember to **KEEP PLAYING!**

  5. Butterfly Waltz Script

    Butterfly Waltz Script

    Do you Love the new styles of hand lettered calligraphy you see on pinterest and alike? **Meet Butterfly Waltz.** The perfect mix of girly bounce, elegant cursive, and fun swirly charm. Sweet hand drawn characters dance along the baseline. The combinations of sweet swirly letters are endless. Create your own unique text style with an authentic hand-lettered look on invitations, envelopes, stationary, logos, blogs and more! **Sweet Bonus!! **Additional uppercase with swashes 2 additional variations of lowercase swirly letters **Now Available in Russian!** --- 4 files of additional decorative glyphs, many additional common letter combinations, and even the multi-lingual glyphs are all decorated. Use "Left" and "Right" to create your own decorated word styles. In total hundreds of swirly letter combinations, creating an authentic hand-made, hand-lettered style text. It's super easy to use. Just highlight the letter you want to change and choose Left or Right. ALT-files work the same way. Just highlight the letter and choose the alternate key from the file of choice. Don't have and alternate glyphs panel? No problem. I've added 2 alternate files of all the additional ligatures and common letter combinations to easily access all the x-tras on the keyboard. I even included a map! --- WHATS INCLUDED? 5 Font Files ttf, otf, woff, woff2 PDF Alt keyboard guide An installation guide for both Windows and Mac computers --- Should you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the message button above. Have fun and Enjoy! Emily

  6. Ahra Family

    Ahra Family

    Ahra is an upright, hand-lettered script full of fun! She was dr awn with pointed pens and then programmed with loads of Opentype features that mix & match for a convincing calligraphy effect. Within Ahra Regular are three sets of capital letters as well as single-word characters for common titles (Mr., Miss, Dr., etc.) prepositions (to, the, for, etc.) and envelope addressing (blvd., st., etc.). You'll also find simple & automatic end-of-word swashes, old-style numerals, fractions and special double-letter ligatures for a true hand-drawn look. Ahra Hand features decorative, swirly word art. There are 88 unique greetings, prompts, and phrases, plus an ornate set of numerals 0-9. View a PDF guide to all of the characters here: http://tinyurl.com/mat9vaj Ahra Swash includes over fifty unique hand-inked flourishes, borders, corners, swashes and curls. View a PDF guide to all the characters here: http://tinyurl.com/khyu2uu IMPORTANT EXTRA INFO: • Make sure to use Ahra in programs that support Opentype features. If your application includes a glyph panel, you'll be able to access all of the characters. If you're using Microsoft Office, here's how to turn on all the goodies: http://tinyurl.com/pd5wyyl • Need to purchase extended licensing? We're happy to help; simply email us at [email protected]

  7. Gypsy


    Swirlie, curly and super fun hand drawn lettering. Includes script 'extras' as well (and, to, from, for, etc.)

  8. Leafy Tales Fonts

    Leafy Tales Fonts

    This is a collection of vintage fonts, alphabets and ornaments drawn in a simple yet fairy tale-like way These are perfect for children's books illustrations or other nature or faity tale- based designs. What you get: - 2 fonts (Regular and Light) - 2 alphabets (Ai) - 10 floral ornaments (Ai)

  9. Magic Curls font

    Magic Curls font

    Hello! Introducing a decorative display font **"Magic Curls"**. This handcrafted typeface has a magic look and will suit perfect for some fantasy fairytale design or whatever you like :) **Whats inside:** - OTF, TTF, WOFF font files - Vector EPS v.10 with all characters - Bonus vector EPS v.10 with butterfly composition and decorative frame from third screenshot *Note: This font contains only latin characters (all available characters you can see on the second screenshot)*

  10. The Fontaholics Colourbox

    The Fontaholics Colourbox

    Say hello to the fresh new **Fontaholics Colourbox** Designer's Pack! A designer's dream, a **handy giant box of watercolour papers, pattern overlays, vectors and yummy fonts**- all ready to blend together in your design masterpieces. **Extended License included** - You may use the items commercially on unlimited projects, unlimited sales. **WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE COLOURBOX** --- - **40 High resolution Watercolour Papers** - each in various sizes for your convenience. - **14 Hand-Painted pattern Overlay PNG's/JPEGS** - Black, white & transparent. - **10 Brand New hand-lettered/painted fonts** that blend together perfeclty in type designs ( See Below) - **100 Wobbly Edged vectors/PNG's** ready to use in your watercolour designs. ( PNG/PSD/AI/EPS) **THE FONTS ( OTF and TTF included) : ** - Give them all a test run in the font box below this :) - **La Fiesta** : An elegant and feminine modern calligraphy script with watercolour edges. - **Maraschino Script** : A cheerful calligraphy script with a bouncy baseline. - **Little Anchor** : A Wobbly hand-painted script with a carefree nature. - **Blushing Bride** : A Flirty hand-lettered script with handy extra opentype lowercase alternate letters* - **Lemonshino** : A super-cute upercase font with bounce and charm. - **Strawberry Frosting** : A plump and cheery uppercase font with different letters for upper and lowercase letters - it also includes some handy double letter ligatures* - **Happy Days** : A haphazard hand-painted font with wobbly edges. - **Bear Hugs** : An adorable uppercase serif font oozing with love. - **Vanilla Sprinkles** : A messy uppercase calligraphy fonts with watercolour edging. - **Mustard Mustache** : Thick and sturdy, an uppercase marker font. --- **Software Requirements : ** This pack contains Starndard Fonts and High resolution JPEGS and PNGS, so no particular design software is required to open the Watercolours/Graphics and Fonts. Any basic graphics app will open the graphics for you to use and any font supporting software will open the fonts, even Word - **but please note that the level of sophistication of your particular graphics app, will determine how creative you can be with the watercolours and shapes :) ** Using the watercolours as a background / or on their own doesn't require any special software - you could even achieve this in Word. But for more complex designing - For instance, filling a shape with a watercolour JPEG can be done with many but not all graphics software. Apps like Photoshop, Elements, Picmonkey, Inkscape and Gimp are sophisticated enough for this sort of designing - as a designer you will know the limitations of your software :) For those who **do have Photoshop and would like to know how to achieve the look**, I have included a short video in the pack for you - in the help file :) *For those of you with **Opentype capable software** ( Such as Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator), you will also be able to access the bonus alternate letters and ligatures included in fonts mentioned above. For those **without opentype software, you can still install and use the fonts as normal fonts :)** That's it! Now get cracking! I hope you have a ton of fun with the **Fontaholics Colourbox!!** xx

  11. November Starlight (New Update!)

    November Starlight (New Update!)

    ✨***New Update!** November Starlight now includes **November Starlight Clean**. A totally clean version of each of the November Starlight fonts, with all rough brush textures removed. Perfect for specialised printing techniques such as laser & vinyl cutting, or simply for a silky smooth finish to your text.* ***This update is FREE for past customers** - just simply re-download the font to receive the new files.* --- Thanks for checking out **November Starlight**! A lovingly hand-painted script font, fantastically elegant & eccentric with a sprinkle of carefree fun. November Starlight doesn't play by the rules - with extra bouncy characters, long vertical brush strokes and authentic hand-painted edges, it's bound to make a bold statement on anything from greeting cards and invitations, to personalised logos and handwritten quotes. *OK! Enough of the fancy words, and on to the important stuff ;)* **Your download will include 2 font files;** **1. November Starlight** • A cursive font containing upper & lowercase characters, numerals and a large range of punctuation. **2. November Starlight Alt** • This is a second version of November Starlight, with a completely new set of lowercase characters. If you wanted to avoid letters looking the same each time to recreate a custom-made style, or try a different word shape, simply switch to this font for an additional layout option. - Fonts are provided in **TTF** formats. - Fonts include **multilingual support**. Please message me if you're unsure of any language support. **Special Characters** • Are also available for several lowercase letters, with added beginning & end swashes - please see the final preview image for a full list. These characters are accessible via software with a **glyphs panel**, e.g. Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator. If you're unable to access the special characters this way, you can install the 'November Starlight Special' font which is also included in the download, and simply type any a-z or A-Z letter in this font to generate a special character. --- That's it! I really hope you enjoy it - please do let me know what you think, comments & likes are always hugely welcomed and appreciated. More importantly, please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any issues or queries, and remember; *You were born to sparkle!* ~ Sam

  12. Steinweiss Script™ Family

    Steinweiss Script™ Family

    Winner—Communication Arts 2012 Award of Excellence–Typeface Design: http://bit.ly/1RX7PAZ Steinweiss Script began its journey towards daylight when Michael Doret was asked by Taschen Publishing to do cover lettering for the huge commemorative edition they were putting together on the work of Alex Steinweiss—*The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover* . The lettering was to be created to appear similar to the famous “Steinweiss Scrawl” the calligraphy that Steinweiss had used on countless album covers. While designing this piece of lettering, Michael realized that there was great potential for a font that was designed in the spirit of that famous “scrawl”. Through his contacts at Taschen Publishing, he was fortunate enough to be able to contact the Steinweiss family, and get the official Steinweiss approval to proceed with his “Steinweiss Script” project. Steinweiss Script is a family of fonts in three weights: Light, Medium, and Bold. Additionally, within each weight there are three variations: Simple, Fancy, and Titling. These variations relate to the size/ratio of the caps to the lowercase, the complexity of those caps, and the size of the ascenders/descenders on the lowercase characters. These variations add usefulness to the font, making it accessible not just for headlines, but for longer passages of text as well. For a better understanding of its unique features please download *The Steinweiss Script User Manual*—available when you click here: http://www.michaeldoret.com/s/Steinweiss-Script_Manual-ywkc.pdf **PLEASE NOTE:** When setting Steinweiss Script one should ALWAYS select the “Standard Ligatures" and “Contextual Alternates” buttons in your OpenType palette. Read the Steinweiss Script story: http://alphabetsoupblog.com/?p=955 Read Steven Heller’s Interview about Steinweiss Script: http://bit.ly/1pfRei9

  13. Toypin Typeface

    Toypin Typeface

    **Toypin Script** is a handwriting script font which attractiveness, stylish and charmed feeling. Create with care and add your project with bouncy feeling too. *Toypin Script is just what you've been looking for!* Use Toypin Scripton all of your projects to give exquisiteness and cultured taste. In precise would look great on, branding projects, logos, product packaging, posters, invitations, greeting cards, titles, blogs, everything that includes particular charm and you name it. ;) Toypin Script calligraphy script comes with upper and lowercase characters, punctuation glyphs, numerals and a TTF of web font. **Feel free to use it for commercial/ extended license purposes.** The Open Type features can be accessed by using Open Type savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw X version, and Microsoft Word. And this Font has given PUA unicode (specially coded fonts). So that all the alternate characters can easily be accessed in full by a craftsman or designer. Thanks for looking and we look forward to you take pleasure in it as much as we did creating it!

  14. Unicorn Letters Font & SVG Letters

    Unicorn Letters Font & SVG Letters

    Created with crafters in mind, Unicorn Letters is just that : an extra bouncy, extra fancy letter font. The download also includes individual SVG letters for infinite combos. There is no punctuation or numbers with this font, as its main focus are the individual letters!

  15. Herald Bouncy

    Herald Bouncy

    **Flavortype Present** : --- Herald Typeface is an geometrically designed serif with bouncy baseline. Characteristic of this fonts will act to create an ambience of fun. No matter how is your design concept to looking fun. it can be serious, scary, mystical, chilling, dark or light. With Herald typeface, your design will more quieter, relax, enjoy, etc. Comes with TON of vector to complete your project, to make you easier for adding the “fun object”, of course you will have more time for coffee. : ) --- **Inside :** - Herald Typeface - Vector pack Bonus - Birthday Theme - Space and Astronaut Theme - Cute animal Doodle - Mystical Theme We deliver this vector with Full color option, Black and white, and line version. Just choose what you need. --- Please visit our website at : https://flavortype.com

  16. Melany Lane Fonts

    Melany Lane Fonts

    Melany Lane from Yellow Design Studio is a flourishy script based on traditional letterforms, but with the added quirks and warmth of hand-drawn type. The base character set has traditionally connected letters and an expressive charm. Contextual alternates add flair with unconnected letters and additional contour options. Mix in swash and stylistic alternates for extra funkiness and fun. ***Updated version! All glyphs are now accessible on Mac & Windows even without opentype friendly software. If you don't have software with a glyphs palette (like Illustrator or InDesign), you can still view and access all 1300 glyphs with third party applications Ultra Character Map (Mac only) or PopChar (Mac & Windows).*** Melany Lane features regular and bold versions, 118 eclectic ornaments (also in regular and bold), and a set of 14 seamless background patterns. It includes over 1300 glyphs and 364 ligatures that create interesting letter combinations and fix overlapping letter pairs. Opentype features including contextual alternates, swash, stylistic sets, ligatures, initial and terminal forms and old-style figures. It performs best with opentype friendly applications. Includes 5 fonts in OTF format: Melany Lane Melany Lane Bold Melany Lane Ornaments Melany Lane Ornaments Bold Melany Lane Patterns **Download includes the YDS end-user license agreement. By installing the fonts user agrees to terms of the YDS license. If you require a webfont, app, ebook, or large volume commercial license (over 250,000 reproductions), please contact [email protected] An extended license is also required for the following uses: broadcast television, commercial exhibition, film, gaming device embedding, software embedding, digital alphas, or personalized products for resale. View license here: http://bit.ly/2wlsnhI

  17. Organic Fridays

    Organic Fridays

    Organic Fridays is a crafty font full of serifs and personality. Great for cards and scrap-booking!

  18. Simsalabim Typeface

    Simsalabim Typeface

    **Simsalabim Typeface** is a new handmade and fun display font intended to use in retro and vintage design styles. It is suitable for poster, lettering, greeting card, t-shirt design etc. This font contains with special ornamental uppercase that can be used to create a stand out and attractive message. **Files Included :** - Simsalabim Typeface .otf (OpenType) - SimsalabimTypeface .ttf (TrueType) For more information and question just contact us Thank You --------------------------------------------- Dont forget to check our new font ! *The Abracadabra Typeface* ( https://goo.gl/fQ5ozG )

  19. Silhouette


    Silhouette is a hand drawn typeface inspired by vintage hand drawn lettering styles. It works perfect with OpenType supported applications. The font is delivered in two weights (regular and bold) and in OpenType and TrueType format. It supports Western, Central, Eastern European and Greek languages with lowercase and uppercase letters. Included 20 stylistic alternates, standard ligatures and 9 discretionary ligatures (catchwords). Silhouette is fully unicode-mapped (PUA encoded). To access the OpenType features, it is recommened to use an OpenType application such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw etc. You may find more details here: https://support.creativemarket.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002663093#opentype



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