Large Leather Plant Hammock - Nicotine / Large (8\ x 8\) / 23\

FREE SHIPPING Beautifully suspend two hanging plants or plant pots in this modern leather two-tier plant hammock. Perfect for adding a little Scandinavian, mid-century modern, or boho to your decor. Goes wonderfully in kitchens, dining rooms, patios, or any room in your home. A chic alternative to the traditional macrame plant hanger to add variety to your indoor jungle. SIZE & DETAILS Includes one (1) Plant Hammock (select size & length in drop-down), and installation instructions; *Pot

Etsy Shop Suspended Overnight!

Yup, that’s correct. My Etsy shop got suspended overnight at the start of February 2017. At this point my Etsy store had just hit it’s 2 year mark and was 100%

Top 5 Financial Mistakes Etsy Sellers Make and How to Avoid Them

Understanding your financial responsibilities as an Etsy seller can be confusing at first. That's why Paper + Spark is sharing the top FIVE financial mistakes many Etsy sellers make. Learn how to avoid them or fix them.

What Kinds of Digital Products Sell Best on Etsy

What Kinds of Digital Products Sell Best on Etsy... If you check out all the things on Etsy you may find that quite a few of them are digital content. Once a haven for vintage and handmade crafts, Etsy has expanded to digital downloads of all kinds of thi

How to Sell On Etsy Successfully from an Etsy Seller making $350,000 a Year!

Want to start a shop on Etsy? Find out how this stay-at-home mom Nicci Wiedman turned her hobby into a $350,000 business and GROWING!!! #etsy #sellingonetsy

How to Open an Etsy Shop and List Your First Product

How to Open an Etsy Shop and List Your First Product - The Modish Maker

1.0" Button Machine * Pendant Special

American Button Machines--1" button machine #tools #making

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