Low On Serotonin? 9 Natural Serotonin Boosters To Try

Are you low on serotonin? As you may already know, serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that sends messages from one area of your brain to another. Studies suggest it plays a role in a wide range of psychological and psychological functions, ranging from mood to sleep quality, learning ability, libido, appetite and even memory.

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You Matter!® Box - Home

It's so important to express your emotions in a healthy manner. It's normal to feel angry. It's normal to feel grief stricken. It's normal to feel worry. It's normal to feel stress. It's normal to be fearful. Just don't give in to negative actions. Stop, pray, and breathe. Talk it out with someone. Your health depends on it! #youmatterbox #itsnormal #healthyemotions #mentalhealthawareness #itsokaytonotbeokay #bekind #beagoodhuman #youareimportant #youareloved #youmatter #subscriptionbox #subbox

Your Little Finger Length Determines Your Health Risks and Personality

Your fingers length can tell a lot about you and your health. Maybe it sounds a bit silly, but you’ll be surprised at how accurate it can be. Look at the picture below and find your little finger shape...

Essential Oils for Women's Health - Proverbial Homemaker

Awesome beginners guide for Essential Oils for Women’s Health #essentialoils #womenshealth

An Hour-by-Hour Roadmap to Your Most Productive Day Ever

If your daily routine could use a little optimizing, here’s a science-backed template to have the most productive day ever. | #health #productivity #wellness #wellnesstips #schedule

All Good Vybez Bundle

Bundle and save with our Good Vybez Bundle! Formulated by professionals for everyday essential physical body functions* 2 in 1 Support K2+D3: SUPPORTS HEART HEALTH - Our center support that helps pump blood through our bodies* HELPS MUSCLE FUNCTION -For everyday physical activities, muscles play an important part* PROMOTES BONE STRENGTH -Keeping bones strong is critical especially as we continue to age, we lose bone mass and density* SUPPORTS IMMUNE SYSTEM -Having a healthy immune system is a mu

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