Natural Pest Control for the Garden

Organic pest control doesn’t have to mean fruits and veggies riddled with worms. Here’s how to use organic pest control methods to keep your vegetable garden thriving without pest damage — and without poison. #organic #gardening

Gaia's Gift | NPK (.50 - .33 - .52)  Premium Organic Potting Soil Tote

Gaia's Gift | NPK (.50 - .33 - .52) Premium Organic Potting Soil - Ideal for heavy feeding plants like tomatoes, hops, and leafy greens. A Tote is a one-yard (27 cubic feet) bulk bag of soil. OR/CA buyers please call us at 541.592.4855 about local delivery pricing. ORGANIC POTTING SOIL: Use Gaia's Gift for the final stages of vegetation for optimal growth in fruits, vegetables and herbs. Transfer your established plant from our Cloud 9 premium organic or another seed starting soil into Gaia's Gi

Banana Peel Fertilizers for the Garden

Banana Peel Compost Tea Garden Fertilizer | Give your garden a boost with nutrients like Potassium & Phosphorus that plants crave | Use peels fresh, dried, or as compost tea | #gardening #gardeningtips #compost

Albers Outdoor Stool - Black

The blend of art and function into sculptural seating. This monolithic indoor or outdoor stool design is a work of art, ready to blend into any organic garden arrangement or to place beside the softness of your sofa as an end table. The texture play is up to you. Made of high-quality concrete and fiber mix, all blacked out to provide comfortable voguish seating for a modern interior. Dimensions (Inches): 26.75W x 17.75H x 14.75D

27 Tips from a Master Gardener

#Gardening is a great way to grow beautiful things and stay healthy by spending time outdoors. Here are some top tips from a master gardener. #vegetablegardening #organic_gardening

The Best Companion Plants for Potatoes

Companion planting can help you create an organic vegetable garden with less pests, a better harvest, and more flavor. Learn what make the best potato companion plants in your vegetable garden- including what herbs, fruits, and vegetable to plant near potatoes and what should be kept far away

What To Plant When Chart - Saving Dollars & Sense

Guidelines that can assist you Enhance Your being familiar with of organic gardening

How to Fill a Raised Garden Bed: Build the Perfect Organic Soil

Learn tips on how to fill a new raised garden bed with the best organic soil possible, to grow the biggest and healthiest plants possible!

Cloud 9 | Coco, Peat, Perlite. Premium Organic Potting Soil Pallet

Cloud 9 | Coco, Peat, Perlite. Premium Organic Potting Soil - Ideal for seeds, starts, hydroponics, home grown plants, such as tomatoes and lettuce. A Pallet is 56 | 10 Gallon bags. Save 55% with the purchase of a pallet! Commercial Grower? Get volume discounts. *Price includes shipping, product arrives covered and bundled on a pallet, request lift gate service if needed. SEEDLING SOIL & HYDROPONIC GROWING: Good Earth Organics Cloud 9 Premium Potting Soil is ready to use with very fast drain

Organic Pest Control in your Garden | Family Food Garden

Organic Pest Control in your Garden ~Family Food Garden #InterestingThings #organicgardening

23 Diagrams That Make Gardening So Much Easier

Figure out when to plant your seeds by the month. | 23 Diagrams That Make Gardening So Much Easier

Natural Ways to Kill Aphids

These natural ways to kill aphids work just as well as chemical sprays and are much safer for your garden, family, and pets! #aphidrepellents #aphidkillers #aphidremedies via @plantinstructio

5 Tips for Starting Seeds Successfully Indoors

Indoor gardening tips: Get your vegetable garden off to a great start with these seed starting tips! Vegetable Gardening | Organic Gardening | Garden Tips #indoorgardening #vegetablegarden

How to use Cinnamon for garden health!

8 ways to use cinnamon in gardening. From rooting hormone to gnat removal, a jar of cinnamon can be your gardens best friend! #homesteading #gardening #organicgarden #gardenhacks

5 Flowers You Should Grow in the Vegetable Garden - My Little Green Garden

5 Flowers You Should Grow in the Vegetable Garden. Learn how your vegetable can benefit from these 5 flowers! #flowergarden #vegetablegarden #companionplanting #gardening #mylittlegreengarden

Vegetable and Herb Gardening 101

Hi Everyone, It’s finally warm and beautiful out here in Northern, CA.  This weekend I started on my vegetable garden.  I am no expert when it comes to gardening, but I have to admit when it …

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